Machines Talk!

INDRIYN Listens & Decodes the Energy Data of Machines

We Listen, Understand & Act on energy consumption data, by observing patterns in Voltage & Current variations of each equipment, asset or the electrical circuit. We decode and convert these patterns into Business Value. With IoT smart energy sensors and Machine Learning algorithms, energy data is converted into actionable decisions in a quick and cost effective manner using our solution. 

Our solution comes with plug-n-play wireless energy sensors & cloud-based intelligence platform as a service. The sensors are retrofitted to existing electrical assets, circuits and machines to send energy data into cloud in real time. INDRIYN's energy intelligence platform processes the data in real time, making use of streaming and time-series based algorithms to create value. The user is provided with web and mobile apps to access analysis, actionable insights and recommendations.

The Energy Intelligence Platform

The brain behind our energy management solutions, it is specially designed for industrial data with machine learning as a core ingredient. The platform handles high-speed, time-series machine data to process them real-time at scale. 

WattAI is built for energy industry. Our platform understands the types of electrical loads like lighting, heating, inductive and capacitive and their consumption patterns.

The platform has built-in prediction engine, which applies algorithms to machine data to predict and identify abnormalities. It is fully enabled for the latest IIoT (Industrial IoT) requirements like security and scalability, while integrating major industry protocols like OPC, MODBUS, etc

How It Works

WattAI = Wireless Energy Monitoring IoT Device + Cloud Based (Machine Learning) Software

Identify the critical electrical circuits, HVAC loads, Light Loads, Lifts, etc
Install plug and play wireless energy clamps
Configure Cloud software
Yep ! Your energy profile is online

“Our cloud based algorithms start working on your energy data, identify the energy leakage paths, find out odd patterns, suggest fixes, alerts you for anomalies, equipment malfunctions and breakdowns & predicts penalties of energy bills”

How Do You Pay (The Pricing Model)

The simple, honest & customer-friendly pricing models


Hardware Lease + SaaS cloud (Subscription)
Hardware Purchase + SaaS cloud (Subscription)


WATT AI - Buildings

Complete Energy Management Solution for Commercial Real Estate

24 x 7 Energy tracking and monitoring
Circuit level energy measurement 
Web, Tab & Mobile dashboards
Energy savings up to 20%
Identify energy leakage points
Zero in on malfunctioning equipment 
Weekly reports over mail

WATT AI - Industries

Energy Management Solution for Industries

24 x 7 Energy tracking and monitoring
Equipment & Line level energy measurement 
Process & Environment Monitoring
Energy Auditing
Energy efficiency & savings on energy bills

WATT AI - Assets

Asset Intelligence

24 x 7 Asset Condition monitoring
Anomaly Detection
Asset Performance Monitoring
Predictive Maintenance
Connecting Asset performance to Energy Consumption


Leadership Team

Siva P Tekumudi

Founder & CEO

Malliswar T

Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist

Ramabhadra Penmetsa

Chief Operating Officer

Anand Kola

Head - Smart Manufacturing


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