INDRIYN Listens & Decodes the language of Machines.

We Listen , Understand & Act on the language of Physical world. We decode and convert that noise/he`at/vibration into Business Value. We use Industrial IoT and Machine learning to decode the facts and convert them actionable decisions

Our solution comes with few sensors , actuators & cloud-based machine learning. We apply IIoT ( Industrial Internet Of Things/Industry4.0) as game changer to the existing industrial world. Our solution makes the Industrial equipment, Assets , Machines and Plants intelligent and act real-time. Our predictive algorithms make sure that there are no surprises at shop floor / production plant. Our solution helps to increase the profits of industries up to 10%.


30% Savings on Energy Bill | 9% Productivity Improvements | 10% reduction of Rejections
20% bottom line improvements | 3o% top line improvements

India's First Industrial Intelligence Platform
for SME & Large Scale Enterprises - The brain behind the Indriyn solutions. The platform is specially designed for industrial and physical data with machine e-learning as a core ingredient. The platform is designed for high-speed , time-series machine data to process fast real-time data at scale.

The platform has built-in prediction engine. Applies algorithms to any machine data to predict abnormalities of data. This platform is fully enabled for the latest IIoT ( industrial IoT ) requirements like security , industry protocols like OPC , MODBUS etc

This has got the API support to help external users to develop their own Industrial Apps. The road-map is having Intelligence SDK to expose third-party users to further enhance out Indriyn Apps.


Putting all building blocks together : Domain Specialists , Data Scientists , Industry Experts,Sensors, Protocol, Edge Gateway, Platform

Battery operated Low power wireless sensors: For easy and flexible deployment.

Edge Gateway: Works autonomously without depending on cloud taking into account local intelligence : Cloud-based Industrial Intelligence platform

UX and Apps: The Web Apps and Mobile Apps give a rich user experience with precise information.


Temperature Intelligence

From Cold Supply Chains to Reefer trucks , Centralized air-conditioner to Pharmacy Clean rooms, temperature is crucial factor to run the business. This accounts more than a trillion dollars market globally. INDRIYN's Temperature Intelligence solutions helps customer to remotely monitor their cold assets 24x7 , gets the abnormal alerts by SMS or emails. This also logs the information for off-line and on-line analysis. INDRIYN prediction software helps customer to see the conditions of the cold asset to take corrective action before it gets worse.
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Vibration Intelligence

Hardly no plant or factory exists without motor, engine or moving arm. Those creates noise and vibration, which is ECG for the machine. INDRIYN vibration Intelligence solution , helps customer to monitor any vibrating asset for positive conditions. It triggers an alarms, when something is out of normal. INDRIX4 predictive algorithms notifies the user for next abnormally or chances of breaking down the machine in hours. This helps to enable the predictive maintenance of the machine or equipment

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Manufacturing Intelligence

Factories , Plant, Industries are collaboration of multiple equipments, processes and devices. Most of these machines are working in silos and hardly communicating with other machine. There is no holistic view of entire setup. INDRIYN Industrial Intelligence helps industrial customers, to monitor the assets/equipments remotely 24x7 in real-time. This solution also works with existing data collecting mechanism line Modbus , OPC etc. The actionable dashboards interface consolidate the all the machine data into desired and crisp form, like Overall Process Effectiveness (OPE), Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

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Temperature Intelligence - Cold Chains & Frozen Aisles

"Disrupting 271 Bn, Cold Chain Market " .

  1. Centralized, Wireless Refrigeration and Environmental Remote Monitoring.
  2. Disrupting cold chain business with low-power wireless sensors & cloud algorithm.
  3. Zero configuration, deployed in minutes.
  4. Driven by platform ., predicts the next business critical alerts to take the corrective action well before the damage happens.
  5. 24x7 remote condition monitoring.
  6. Reducing product rejections.
  7. Linking energy bills and analyzing the usage and optimizing the same..

Temperature Intelligence - HVAC ( Heat Ventilation & Air Conditioning ) Optimization

" Around 40% of energy being wasted by HVAC systems"

  1. Remote condition monitoring
  2. Enables uniform distribution of temperature
  3. Heat maps and Hot spots analysis.
  4. Energy Optimization : Balancing airflow dynamically by controlling dampers ( Needs additional Installation)
  5. Continuous commissioning of HVAC and office spaces.
  6. Predictive Maintenance.
  7. Creating comfort and uniform temperatures centralized air-conditioning office space.
  8. Up to 20% reduction on energy bill.

Vibration Intelligence

"Unplanned Downtime of equipment causes 60Hrs waste of productivity per incident, this cost upto USD 200K per incident. "

  1. Listening your assets and plan ahead to prevent machine downtime
  2. Real time Remote condition monitoring
  3. Disrupting the Vibration Analysis Market by smallest and low power sensor.
  4. Applying machine learning on real time to predict fetal conditions.
  5. Finding put new patterns and trends of machine/equipment.
  6. Saves productivity by reducing machine downtime.
  7. Improves efficiency of machine by machine patterns and Analysis
  8. Up to 25% savings on operational expenses

Manufacturing Intelligence

With Connected machines, collaboration of machine data with operations data creating new value out of factory shop floor.

  1. Listening your assets and plan ahead to prevent machine downtime
  2. Real time Remote condition monitoring
  3. Disrupting the Vibration Analysis Market by smallest and low-power sensor.
  4. Applying machine learning on real-time to predict fatal conditions.
  5. Finding out new patterns and trends of machine/equipment.
  6. Saves productivity by reducing machine downtime.
  7. Improves efficiency of machine by machine Patterns and Analysis
  8. Up to 25% savings on operational expenses


Cold Chain & Cold Fleet
More than USD 220Bn Global market size, the entire business is sensitive to Temperature , RH( relative Humidity ) and Time .

HVAC & Air conditions
Disrupting $170Bn Global market with intelligent temperature controlling. There is a huge opportunity of improving efficiency , increasing energy savings.

Getting the pie from $4Bn Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence(EMI) Market. Connecting all physical assets of shop floor to single backbone , creating new value out of it.

SME Production Plants
Millions of SMEs to supply parts to large scale manufacturing industries. SMEs are suffered from quality and profits , due to manual/semi-automated process There is a huge opportunity of improving the operational efficiency.

Mining & Drilling
Equipment of drilling stations and mines are heavily subjected to vibration. The unexpected break down of machinery causes huge penalty on the business. Predictions derived from real-time vibration analysis that helps the industry to improve the predictability of machine breakdown.

Railways & Locomotives
Indriyn is disrupting the Rail industry with smart vibration sensors and real-time analytics to reduce unexpected breakdowns, smoothen the operations, reduces accidents & improve safety.

Customer Success Stories

Large pomegranate arils and cut fruit export company

USD$100 Mn , 15-year-old export company is to deliver 365-days high quality supply of Pomegranate Arils; From India to the World.


Visibility of store condition , from anywhere 24x7.
Quality of product
Often product rejections
Audit compliance

Solution: Indriyn Temperature Intelligence

Deployed at two locations. More than 10 cold stores.
Provides central dashboard for 24x7 Remote condition Monitoring. System raises Abnormality alerts to make sure the quality
Predictive Alerts Real-time analysis and Historical Analysis report.
compliance Reports to ensures product compliances

Pharmacy Plant

10-year-old pharmaceuticals manufacturing company that develops a wide portfolio of intermediates and APIs. Supplies intermediates to major pharmacy brands.


Semi-automated operations on plant floor leading to more human errors.
Not able to monitor the abnormal Temperature in Pharmacy reactor.
Manual reading leads to compliance errors.
No electronic record keeping.
Customer rejecting supplies thus damaging loyalty.
Old set-up, upgrading to Industry4.0 is quite expensive.

Solution : Indriyn Temperature Intelligence.

Deployed the solution with recycling of existing infrastructure, Used MODBUS based infrastructure.
Software that provides 24x7 remote condition monitoring.
Smart app provides direct access to pharmacy reactor status.
Machine Learning Engine deployed at Cloud which Predicts the future alerts, so that staff can take corrective action before the damage happens.
SMS on Abnormal Conditions
Dashboard to conduct Real-time and Postpartum analysis

Large Spices Processing & Exports Company

Large-scale fine powder spices export company , exports products to Asia-Pac Countries.


Semi Automated equipment and solely depends on the ground workforce.
No visibility of operations to decision makers.
Unpredicted breakdown/chocking of the mills due to excessive heat in the chambers. Causing huge losses.
PLC based fixed rules-based control, not adoptive controlling.

Solution: Indriyn Manufacturing Intelligence

Used INDYRIYN interface tool-kit and Gateway to collect the plant parameters to cloud.
Used micro wireless temperature sensor to transmit data from inside chamber to gateway.
Provided dashboard for 24x7 condition monitoring of mill health.
Used engine to find out anomaly detection to identify the toxic data patterns, data patterns, which results in choking of mill.
Optimizing coolant injection by constantly calculating the accurate temperature inside the mill. Saves 30% expenses.
Predictive alerting of machine breakdown , improved productivity by 40%.

Cement Industry (Pilot)

Domestic Cement Industry using Heavy Duty CEntrifugal Fans to move the Material


Unexpected breakdown of Centrifugal Fan caused heavy productivity loss. The classic Vibration Analysis Procedure is expensive. And it is not real-time.

Solution: Indriyn Vibration Intelligence

Low-power Vibration Senor attached to the fan, and collects the real-time data within small intervals , which is a Game Changer as compared the classic monthly/ quarterly data samples collection.
Indrix4 odd pattern finder algorithm , constantly learns the positive patterns and anomaly patterns of the system and predicts the potential breakdown of the fan, which saves the productivity and efficiency of the entire plant.

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