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Facillizence is IoT driven, AI powered, Mobile first, Cloud based facilities management software platform from Indriyn that helps commercial buildings become, easier to operate, sustainable to maintain, comfortable to live and profitable to own

Cut Energy Wastage

Manage energy better by identifying leakages, issues & off-schedule usage

Lower Operating Expense

Automate manual maintenance & billing activities to eliminate redundancies & inaccuracies

Improve Tenant Experience

Minimize downtime & maintain optimal environmental conditions

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Helps track building's ECBC green goals

Data Driven Building Performance & Energy Optimization Platform

Data Collection

Super Simplify Asset, Energy & Building Data Capture

We deploy advanced & proprietary hardware on electrical panel & assets to monitor every critical piece of  circuit  or equipment. We also  deploy low-cost IoT sensors to capture environmental parameters, in-addition to data from existing meters/PLCs/SCADA/BMS systems. All our hardware are Plug & Play, Retrofit and Affordable.

Advanced Analytics

Secure & Scalable Analytics Engine with Machine Learning Algorithms

Time series data from all sources are continuously fed into our cloud based analytics engine, where our Machine Learning Algorithms automatically detects faults, energy leakage paths, odd patterns, and make predictions. Our algorithms are customized to building energy data.


Actionable Insights

Powerful tools to Visualize, Act & fine-tune Performance

Our Mobile & Web-based tools provides access to data in real-time thus improving visibility. Custom summary reports for stakeholders to enable effective benchmarking & comparisons. In-addition our platform translates data anomalies to predict about equipment malfunctions, breakdowns and potential threshold breaches before they occur. Platform allows notifications to integrate into existing ERP or BMS.

Solutions that we offer

Maintenance Intelligence

Monitor & Increase performance of teams 
No more manual or telephonic work orders
IoT to create automated work orders
Make iFMs life easy
Reduce cost of operations

Asset Intelligence

Predictive Maintenance
Improves asset performance & longevity
Reduces unpredicted downtime
Remote condition monitoring of critical assets
Increase visibility of operations

Energy Intelligence

Determine energy leakage paths to save energy
Sub-metering to track asset level energy consumption
Deep Energy Analytics
Energy Star Ratings

Tenant Management

Improves tenant retention
Automated Meter Readings
Automatic Tenant Billing
Improves workspace comfort
Reduces billing disputes
Tenant portal & Apps

Whom We Serve

Building Owners

Building Owners can view critical parameters & alerts of buildings across their portfolio without any additional support. Also helps in budgeting by continuously predicting energy cost of their buildings

Property Managers

Property Managers can view key building performance parameters by section or division to keep a tab on smooth running of building operations and help the team to prioritize & act on critical issues

Facility/Tenant Managers

Facility Managers have access to tenant performance portal that allows them to understand their consumption across utilities. This data is visible to view every minute with forecast of projected monthly demand & costs. Data of specific tenant is visible in the case of multi-tenant buildings

Service Engineers/Operators

Asset-level metrics for Service Engineers to monitor & solve problems on the move as insights, recommendations & live charts are readily available in mobile apps


Corporate Offices - Multi-tenant Office space

Problem Statement: Building Manager of a multi-tenant office space had problem in catering to requirements of tenants & also monitoring the tenant energy consumption.

Each of the tenants has a separate energy meter for monitoring their energy consumption & common area cost were calculated based on square foot occupied by the tenant. The entry of daily energy consumption was entered into log books.

The property manager has a separate log book for each customer for monitoring their HVAC usage by obtaining the readings from chilling plant. An electrician makes an entry of the chilling plant readings in the log book when it is turned ON/OFF.

Solution Highlights:

  1. Facility Manager
    • Utility-wise automatic meter reading resulted in automation of common day-to-day activities
    • Instant collection & archival of data, hence eliminating data errors
    • Real-time monitoring of equipment through a live dashboard & mobile app
    • Building tenants had global operating hours, Facility Managers could monitor equipment ON/OFF at inappropriate times
    • Additional information such as Equipment manufacturer, model, performance, etc enabled the Facility manager in prioritizing replacements and choosing the best equipment based on past performance
    • The Facility Manager could benchmark across multiple tenants
    • Provided the Facility Manager data to gain transparency with vendors & improve ROI
    • Enabled the Facility Manager to track green goals such ECBC compliance
  2. Automated Tenant Billing
    • Reduced maintenance admin time in preparing of bills from manual data
    • Minute to minute archive helps eliminate billing inaccuracies, disagreements & disputes
    • Customizable splitting of distribution loss, peak demand charges & common area costs
    • Environmental parameters such as temperature & humidity monitored using sensors & maintained as per tenant requirements
  3. Service Engineers
    • Identified anomalies in the equipment parameters to facilitate alerts & notifications to Service Engineers to undertake preventive action
    • Advanced Energy Analytics helped analyze building data to reduce the need for routine maintenance checks & instead enable the teams to focus on areas to increase operational efficiency thus resulting in cost savings
    • Provided prognostic lead time to detect equipment deterioration and flexibility in scheduling of maintenance tasks
    • Benchmarking across equipment of similar category helped in identifying under-performing or faulty equipment
Shopping Malls - Multi-brand Apparel Stores

Problem Statement: Owner of multi-brand apparel stores spread over multiple locations in various cities across India was not having insights on energy consumption across their stores. The owner wanted to have more visibility on this energy usage to forecast budgets for the future and cut energy wastage.

Solution Highlights:

  1. Owner
    • The Owner able to view the monthly energy consumption of stores at multiple locations
    • Enabled the Owner to benchmark across multiple stores
  2. Store Managers
    • Individual Store Managers could view & monitor the key building assets & their performance parameters
    • Store Managers could monitor equipment ON/OFF schedules at inappropriate times
    • Helped the Store Managers in identification, escalation & follow-up of the critical alerts in their respective stores
    • Tracking of floor level energy consumption enabled Store Managers to compare floor level profitability
    • Enabled Store Managers to record & track the condition of equipment in their locations
  3. Service Engineers
    • Asset-level metrics for Service Engineers enabled them to monitor & solve problems on the move
    • Predictive maintenance of equipment helped in boosting efficiencies by reducing downtime
    • Circuit level monitoring enables Service Engineers to easily identify energy leakages
Restaurants & Hotels - 5 Star Hotel

Problem Statement: The Facility Manager of a 5-Star hotel with 80 rooms & 5 restaurants was concerned about the energy consumption of their individual restaurants & banquet halls. The hotel being built using older industry standards had a single energy meter for all its restaurants. The Air Handling Unit for the complete hotel had a single energy meter.  He was assigned to identify the profitability of individual restaurants & banquet halls based on their actual energy consumption & other fixed/operational costs versus revenue generated.

Solution Highlights:

  1. Facility Manager
    • Automatic energy readings for individual restaurants & banquet halls
    • In-case of banquet halls, instantaneous energy readings to bill customers immediately after the event and also eliminated the existing process of manually estimating the consumption
    • Energy Analytics helped identify underperforming or faulty equipment and reduce off-hours energy costs
    • Enterprise level benchmarking of facilities and equipment
    • Enabled hotel management to use energy costs for business profitability analysis of the restaurants & banquet halls
    • Facility and Hotel Managers received weekly email reports that highlighted off-hours energy consumption and ranked restaurants by their energy consumption
    • The report helped in identifying effective options for minimizing energy consumption when no one is in the restaurant, and helps each location protect its profits.
    • Helped the Facility Manager in identification, escalation & follow-up of the critical alerts across the hotel
  2. Service Engineer
    • Service engineers were able to monitor the health status of equipment in real-time
    • Energy Analytics provided event-based alerts which enabled Service Engineers take corrective actions to minimize equipment downtime


Government Offices

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Leadership Team

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