Benefits of Our Building Performance & Energy Optimization Platform

Cut Energy Wastage

Manage energy better by identifying leakages, issues & off-schedule usage

Lower Operating Expense

Automate manual maintenance & billing activities to eliminate redundancies & inaccuracies

Improve Tenant Experience

Minimize downtime & maintain optimal environmental conditions

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Helps track building's ECBC green goals

EnGenie - What We Do

Data Collection

Super Simplify Asset, Energy & Building Data Capture

We deploy advanced & proprietary hardware on electrical panel & assets to monitor every critical piece of  circuit  or equipment. We also  deploy low-cost IoT sensors to capture environmental parameters, in-addition to data from existing meters/PLCs/SCADA/BMS systems. All our hardware are Plug & Play, Retrofit and Affordable.

Advanced Analytics

Secure & Scalable Analytics Engine with Machine Learning Algorithms

Time series data from all sources are continuously fed into our cloud based analytics engine, where our Machine Learning Algorithms automatically detects faults, energy leakage paths, odd patterns, and make predictions. Our algorithms are customized to building energy data.


Actionable Insights

Powerful tools to Visualize, Act & fine-tune Performance

Our Mobile & Web-based tools provides access to data in real-time thus improving visibility. Custom summary reports for stakeholders to enable effective benchmarking & comparisons. In-addition our platform translates data anomalies to predict about equipment malfunctions, breakdowns and potential threshold breaches before they occur. Platform allows notifications to integrate into existing ERP or BMS.

Solutions that we offer

Building Performance & Energy Optimization

Real-time ​Multi-point Energy Monitoring & Optimization 
Equipment Schedule Monitoring
Real-time & Predictive Anomaly Detection
Condition-based Equipment Maintenance
Peak Demand Reduction
Vendor Accountability

Automated Metering & Tenant Billing

Automatic Meter Readings 
Automatic Billings
Multi Tenant Billing
Consumption Analysis & Demand Forecasting
Budget Forecasting

Simplified IoT

Proprietary hardware for sub-metering
IoT sensors for indoor environmental parameters
Low cost & Easy to Install
3rd Party Sensor/ Meters Integration

Whom We Serve

Building Owners

Building Owners can view critical parameters & alerts of buildings across their portfolio without any additional support. Also helps in budgeting by continuously predicting energy cost of their buildings

Property Managers

Property Managers can view key building performance parameters by section or division to keep a tab on smooth running of building operations and help the team to prioritize & act on critical issues

Facility/Tenant Managers

Facility Managers have access to tenant performance portal that allows them to understand their consumption across utilities. This data is visible to view every minute with forecast of projected monthly demand & costs. Data of specific tenant is visible in the case of multi-tenant buildings

Service Engineers/Operators

Asset-level metrics for Service Engineers to monitor & solve problems on the move as insights, recommendations & live charts are readily available in mobile apps


Corporate Offices

Restaurants & Hotels

Shopping Malls


Government Offices

Educational Institutions

Leadership Team

Siva P Tekumudi
Founder & CEO

Malliswar T
Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist

Ramabhadra Penmetsa
Chief Operating Officer

Anand Kola
Smart Manufacturing

Advisory Team

Tarak Nandan Sahay
Integrated Facility Management Expert


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